Are You The Beneficiary Of A Trust Left By A Loved One? Here Are A Few Tax Concerns To Remember

Most people think of being left with a trust fund as a beneficiary must be an awesome thing that sets you on the path of easy street. However, inheriting any large sum of money can bring about a lot of headaches that you would not otherwise have. If you are the beneficiary of a trust that has been left to you by a loved one, you will be facing some financial moves that you are responsible for taking but don't know about, especially where tax filing is concerned. Read More 

Should You Hire A Staff Bookkeeper Or Contract Out Your Small Business Accounting Needs?

If you're like many business owners, you may find accounting, payroll, and tax reporting to be the most tedious or challenging parts of your job. And while some proprietors are fortunate enough to have a spouse, sibling, or adult child who enjoys bookkeeping and is willing to perform these services for a pittance, in many cases, you'll find yourself facing the decision of whether to hire a staff bookkeeper or find an accountant or firm to help you with these needs. Read More 

Looking To Be A Tax Preparation Professional? How To Get A Job

If you are looking for a career in the field of finance and you think you want to prepare taxes for a living, you can get started right away. Every year people have to do their taxes, and every year there are companies looking for seasonal tax preparers that can help with the extra load of customers they have coming in the doors. Getting started and finding a job can be much easier than you think. Read More 

People You Need To Speak To If You Think Your Property Taxes Are Too High

If you have just received your property tax bill in the mail, you may be shocked at how high your taxes are. House taxes are generally arrived at by multiplying your town's tax rate by your home's assessed value, as determined by the town's tax assessor. Sometimes the town's tax rate has gone up which explains higher tax bills, but there are also times when a house is overvalued. In that case, you would also see an increase in your property tax burden. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Know About Tax Returns

While just about everyone knows that they are supposed to file a tax return each year, that doesn't stop countless people from not doing so. Whether it be because they are worried about owing the government or they simply don't know what they are doing, letting years of unfiled tax returns continue to pile up isn't doing you any good. To help you better understand more about dealing with unfiled tax returns, here are a few things you need to know. Read More