4 Advantages To Outsourcing Payroll Services Rather Than Leasing Employees

Are you sick of running your employee payroll? Usually you have two major options: you can outsource your payroll services to a company like A & C Accounting & Tax that specializes in payroll or you can just lease your employees outright through an employee leasing program. Though either option will let you avoid wading through paperwork, outsourcing your payroll is usually the better option. 1. You Can Get a Better Quality of Labor Read More 

Caring For A Parent? Claim Them On Your Taxes For Extra Savings

A growing number of middle-aged and older Americans are financially and physically supporting other adult members of their family – often parents and grandparents. There are tax benefits available to help out in this situation, but do you qualify to take them? The Rules for Claiming an Adult Dependent There are two types of dependents: qualifying children and qualifying adults. The rules are similar for both categories, but qualifying relatives generally have a lower income threshold to be considered dependents. Read More 

Confused At Tax Time? Here’s An Easy Guide To Your Form 1040

Every year, most people must complete Form 1040 to file their taxes.  But how much do you really understand this most fundamental of all personal income tax forms?  It can mean the difference between claiming all money you're owed and missing out on some. Page One - Taxpayer Information The first page of the full Form 1040 comprise basically three parts: personal information, your income, and adjustments to that income.  Read More 

Need Your Old Tax Info? Don’t Worry, Here’s How You Get It

Everyone knows that you need to keep copies of tax returns for seven years.  But the reality is that it's not always that easy in today's busy, on-the-go world.  What can you do if you need your tax information but you don't have any copies? There's good news - it's easier to solve this problem than you might think. What Are Tax Transcripts? The IRS receives copies of some of the same tax documents that all taxpayers received from employers or clients. Read More